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Shaped trees our specialty

We have a very wide and unique range of multiannual shaped trees. Our assortment is always in motion, because we continuously develop new forms.
Selecting a suitable tree is of great importance for growing a beautiful shape tree . The tree has a good branch structure, the branches are in the right place and the tree has sufficient vigor to meet the requirements we set. In winter the trees are selected and the branches are trained to a frame of bamboo, after which they are planted in. The trees are pruned at least 2 times per year. This way we ensure an intensification of the branches, which benefits the compactness of the tree.
Thus, we care for a quality product.


A shaped trees bouquet consists of multiple shaped trees of the same species that together form a whole. This composite whole is to be planted as a project and immediately gives a characteristic image at any location. Displayed on our nursery are examples of a canopy, and also of square "arches" trained of Fagus sylvatica, high arches with narrow intermediate screens and high igloos of Carpinus betulus. Of different tree species there are also in right-angle corners led specimens, which together form a square.