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Sustainable business

We mean by sustainability: Make use in such a way of the environment, soil, air, water and energy, that the balance of these basic things are disturbed as little as possible.

We do this through making a soil analysis at the start of each crop. On the basis of the results we bring the minerals and organic compounds in balance. To do this we use pre-tailored compost. Soil with a correct balance between minerals and with the presence of humus and organic substance, makes good and healthy cultivation. This system is closely monitored during cultivation,


The grass sown between the trees, along with the sugars which are issued by the tree roots are sources of nutrition for the soil life. The tree is made stronger in a natural way, making it more resistant to diseases and pests. The need to use chemicals is therefore minimal.

The ultimate goal is to let the trees grow in a natural way, which gives them a high quality. Constant attention to the overall environment is essential.


Greencentre Oirschot

Along with seven other growers in the area of Oirschot, we have started a collaboration called Greencentre Oirschot.
Oirschot has evolved in recent years into one of the most dynamic areas of arboriculture Nederland. The soil in the region Oirschot is a good basis for growing shrubs, ornamental plants and trees with a strong root system.Together we can deliver a complete package of nursery products to our customers. For more information, please visit the website www.greencentre-oirschot.nl